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    Gorillabox provide a seamless and scalable data streaming solution for instant game starts. Increase conversions and user experience with the fastest solution to acquire new customers

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Gorillabox is a team of dedicated and talented people whose aim is to take gaming to the next level.
We like to push technology to their limits with the drive to change our todays attitude about Real Time Cloud Solutions. We combine creativity with engineering and are passionate about what we do.

Get User Experience

Your users can start playing instantly. The installation process happens in the background, no user interaction is required.

Get Publisher Experience

No need to touch the source code. Seamless integration, no effort for you. Scalable: adapt the package according to your needs Your conversion rate will increase Fair business modell: low costs, low risk.


A tiny initial download enables instant access
In no more than 30 seconds the game starts while the required installation process runs in the background
During the installation, the game is streamed by our servers
No further user interaction is required and no changes in the game code are required


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Fiesta Online Available!

Implementation of Fiesta Online started. Commercial launch in September 2016

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Easy Integration

Implementation of your games possible NOW! We are now ready to implement G-Loader in new projects.

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At Gamescom

Meet us at Gamescom:
Cologne, August 17–19 2016
Hall 3.2 / A / 013


What is the G-Loader?

The G-Loader consists of two elements: a cutting edge downloader that handles the download, installation and patching process and a streaming client, that will stream the game while the installation process happens in the background

How does the G-Loader work?

The G-Loader consists of two elements: a cutting edge downloader that handles the download, installation and patching process and a streaming client, that will stream the game while the installation process happens in the background

Will the game always be streamed?

No, when the installation process is completed and your user starts the game the next time, it is installed on his local device and will be played “as usual”. There is no further interaction with the G-Loader and hence no further streaming

Is the G-Loader only for games?

Not necessarily. If you have other software that runs a longer installation process, and you want to grant your users a quicker access, get in touch

Who is the G-Loader for?

Any publisher or developer of games or software that require an installation process (download, installation, patching), The G-Loader gives your users instant access to your software

Do game providers need to provide any infrastructure, e.g. servers for the streaming solution?

No, streaming will be done from our servers. Our partners do not need to make any investment.

Are changes in the source code required?

No, the source code will not be changed. All necessary implantations happen on our side

Will the gameplay be interrupted during the installation process?

No, all necessary steps happen automated in the background.

What do you need from a publisher/developer to integrate the G-Loader?

Just the game. And it would be great if you answered a couple of questions to ease the integration for us

When I am interested in your solution, do I have to change all downloads to the G-Loader?

No, you decide for how many downloads and in which territories you want to use the G-Loader. It is a flexible and scalable service, you are free to change the capacities according to your requirements during the term of our cooperation

What are the specifications on the users end?

We recommend a bandwidth >10 MB/S

What happens if my users have a lower bandwidth?

The G-Loader runs a network and bandwidth test. Only if it finds perfect conditions, the stream will be started. If a lag-free experience is not ensured, the stream won´t be initiated. In this case only the downloader will be activated. Your users still benefit from a faster installation process than normal.

We have our own launchers for our games, will they be replaced by the G-Loader?

Your launcher will not be exchanged

What is the difference to existing downloaders?

Other downloaders only speed up the download. Installation and patching are still done manually by the user. Other solutions require more time and clicks

What is the difference to file steaming solutions?

They require the integration of an API, so the source code needs to be changed. No download on the local machine takes places, so the game will be streamed for every session. Gameplay can lag e.g. when new areas must be loaded


We choose each employee with care. From experienced professionals to dedicated college graduates, we bring the best minds together to solve the toughest technology challenges. Would you like to be a part of an ambitious and enthusiastic team? Working at gorillabox is a lot of fun. Think Big and Think Free. We love pro-active attitudes. We're looking for brilliant folks!
If you are really passionate about C++, C#, Java, Objective C, Game development,
Network Programming and Highly Multithreaded applications then,
Send your CV at: hr@gorillabox.net


We are waiting to hear from you. Please, give us your valuable feedback. contact@gorillabox.net

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